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Email Marketing & Automation tips for your business

Should we buy an email list to get started?

Buying email list is just wasting your money and getting in the SPAM business. These purchased lists are usually not used by most of the service providers. We grow your email organically which mean long term sustainability of your target customers. Small list of real customers is more valuable for your business growth.

Is email marketing effective for our business?

Email is stronger than any other marketing means since It’s more private, more personal. Most businesses rely on email and check their inbox multiple times. Communicating directly with your target customers who actually grant you access to market your product via email marketing.

How do i know if an email campaign is successful?

There are different metrics which are valuable and best indicator to decide the success of your email campaign depending on your business goals and objectives. Analyzing a series of consistent metrics is important. If you look at multiple metrics, you’ll have a better idea of performance.

What’s the best time to send emails to prospects?

It varies depending on your prospect’s email list and recipient. To figure out what works best for your readers, try different days and times and analyze the results. As a general rule, emails were more likely to be opened during normal business hours, from 8AM-5PM, with the peak time being 10AM. People are most responsive in the early morning or later in the evening.

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