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Special Paid media advertising tips for your business

Which paid media channel should we spend for brand sales?

Sales oriented channel depends on type of the business. If you have B2B business type, then Google ads is the best option to invest on. But if you are operating a B2C business, then social channels such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Quora ads is best suitable to reach your target sales.

What should be our minimum budget for paid advertising?

Paid advertising budget again depends on the type of business you have. For B2B business, the investment is more as you are more prone to run Google Ads so the budget is higher. For B2C business type, a minimum of $50 should be the specified budget to run Facebook ads, Instagram ads and other social channels.

How long does it take to see the growth results?

Growth results merely depends on the paid advertising channel and budget allocated for running on the ads. For faster brand growth results to be expected within 24 hours is from running Google Ads campaign. Social paid advertising such as Facebook ads may take time from a week to a month.

Do I need to hire someone to manage my paid advertising?

Paid media advertising is vital for your business. Hiring the right paid media agency for running your ads within the allocated budget will save you from money going into experiments and waste. Our dedicated and specialized paid media advertising team perform custom hashtag analysis and runs ads according to the best time using best keywords to target your brand specific audience.

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