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Choppershoot is a Dubai-based Aerial Filming and Photography Company specializing in filming using helicopters and drones.
We partnered with Choppershoot to re-design their website by improving the UX design and making it mobile user and mobile friendly. This enabled Choppershoot to reach more of their target audience.

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The Challenge

Choppershoot’s website was not mobile friendly with some pages getting redirected and others failing. The website had broken links which were impacting negatively on their SEO efforts. Choppershoot’s social media platforms were not integrated to their website.


Client Choppershoot
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
272% ROI

The Solution

Moosa Consulting worked closely with Choppershoot to create a more dynamic website that is both user and mobile friendly. We designed an impressive website with the holistic look and feel. By developing a high quality website with relevant content and excellent user experience, Choppershoot was able to have 40% of their visitors returning back to the site. We developed a robust landing page that enabled users to interact freely with the website leading to an increase in inquiries and conversions. We also enhanced their SEO efforts by using Google to fix broken links as wells integrating Goodge AdWords and social media to enable Choppershoot rank first in Google organic search result page.

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